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image fractals

Make Fractals of Images

Select an image and then generate a Julia set or a Mandelbrot set.

orbit traps

Orbit Trap Fractals

Generate Julia sets and the Mandelbrot set using four different, and adjustable, orbit traps.

julia sets

Animate Julia Sets

Interactive Julia set, animation bewteen two Julia sets, and basic information about Julia sets.

möbius doyle

Möbius Transformation of a Doyle Spiral

Interactive Möbius transformation of a Doyle Spiral.

rolling hypocycloids

Rolling Hypocycloids and Epicycloids

Interactive examples of rolling hypocycloids, epicycloids and similar shapes.


Focal Points, Ellipses and Ovals

Interactive three-pins-and-a-string-blob, three-ellipse, and three foci variant of Cassini oval.

image tiling

Make Hyperbolic Tilings of Images

Select an image, or take a photo if using mobile device. Move the image if needed. Choose p and q. Generate a tiling.

Poincare tiling

Interactive Hyperbolic Tiling in the Poincaré Disc

A draggable interactive hyperbolic tiling using the Poincare disc model.

The Mandelbrot set

The Mandelbrot Set

Make successive zooms of the Mandelbrot set. The area picked is displayed in one canvas, the result is shown in another canvas.

Lorenz attractor

Interactive Lorenz Attractor

Interactive Lorenz attractor with 10,000 blue butterflies under the Lorenz attractor flow.

Pythagoras tree

Variations on Pythagoras' Tree ♦

By using the points defining the squares of an animated Pythagoras' tree, it is possible to draw various paths to create a variety of animations.

Inversion in Circle

Inversion in Circle ♦

A review of those properties of circle inversion that are needed in order to construct hyperbolic tools.

Apolloninan Gasket

Apollonion Gasket ♦

Raplaced the non-functional old GeoGebra applet with a Processing-version of the interactive Apollonian gasket.

Introduction to Non-Euclidean Geometry

Non-Euclidean Geometry ♦

I made a new section about non-Euclidean geometry. For now it's just an introduction.

Paint Circle Inverted Mondrian

Paint Circle-Inverted Mondrian! ♦

Make a painting in Mondrian style. The painting is inverted in a circle as you paint.

Making a Bézier spline

How to Make a Cubic Bézier Spline ♦

Splines are used to draw smooth curves. The construction of a cubic Bézier spline is explained and visualized.

De Casteljau and Bézier

De Casteljau's Algorithm ♦

De Casteljau's algrithm is used to draw Beziér curves. Bézier curves are used when making smooth curves defined by points along a path.

Damped Lissajous

Damped Lissajous Curves ♦

If two perpendicular pendulums are used to control the movement of a pen, the curve traced out is a so called damped Lissajous curve.

Newton Fractals

Newton Fractals ♦

Imagine three coloured regions bordering to each other such that all three regions have exactly the same border!

Modelling 3D Illusions

Modelling 3D illusions ♦

The human brain uses shadows to interpret how objects move. By faking the shadow, one can fake the perceived motion of an object.

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