Make Fractals of Images

Malin Christersson ◊◊◊

  • Choose an image file. The image will be cropped to a square.
  • Click in the top canvas to pick a new Julia point or to zoom in.
  • Change the size and the position of orbit trap (the image).
  • Change the degree of the polynomial used to generate the fractal.
  • Switch between Mandelbrot and Julia set.
  • Generate a large fractal for downloading.

Choose click option Zoom in
Pick Julia point
Click in the canvas below to generate another Julia set!
Background color

Orbit trap size
Degree of polynomial
Click to change position

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The image is used as a so-called orbit trap.

For a short introduction to the Mandelbrot set and Julia sets see Mandelbrot and Animate Julia Sets. See Orbit Trap Fractals for a short introduction to orbit traps.

Each point is iterated along its orbit until a maximum number of iterations is reached, or until an iterated point gets inside the orbit trap square - in which case the orbit "gets trapped". The position of a trapped point is used to get a colour from corresponding pixel of the image, this colour is used to colour the starting point of the orbit.

A video by Karmanjakah

I made animated orbit trap fractals for the video Julia by Karmanjakah. The animated fractals were made using Python. Julia is also on Spotify.

A scarf from Tasmania

Marlies Bugmann from Tasmania is using the orbit trap fractal generator to make scarves. Her wearable art can be seen at and she sells her creations at Redbubble's 'd1g1tal m00dz'. I got this lovely scraf from her with the dedication:

For Malin: My Rose 'Crown Princess Margareta' as an Orbit Trap Fractal in a Kaleidoscope Arrangement - In Appreciation : Marlies
A wonderful scarf

A wallpaper

I needed a new wallpaper.

Mona Lisa fractal
Mona Lisa wallpaper, 2560 × 1440

Animated gifs

Fractal fireworks on Ello.


The Mona Lisa image used is from Wikipedia: Mona Lisa.

jQuery Plugin used on this site for picking colours: Spectrum - The No Hassle jQuery Colorpicker

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