Exporting and Sharing

Export the graphics view as picture


The easiest way to input pictures into a text-document is to use some regular screen capturing tool, like pressing the print-screen-button. In order to capture just a part of the screen; use the Snipping Tool if using Windows 7, press Cmd +Shift+4 if using Mac, and use Applications->Accessories->Take Screenshot if using Ubuntu.

You can also export the Graphics View to Clipboard under the File-menu, paste it into a document and then rescale the image afterwards.

Use File->Export->Graphics View as Picture to save it to a file or to the Clipboard. You can scale the image and change the resolution.

Zoomable pictures

Highly regular images like mathematical graphs, seldom look good when zoomed. If you are using a presentation program like Prezi, png-pictures will not look good, even if you make them large and use a high resolution. If you don't need a transparent background, and if you can cope with the pdf-dimensions, the best format is pdf. This is a Prezi demonstrating the difference between png and pdf, the difference is more striking when showing graphs.

Image Image Image

The pdf-format is not really a scalable format. If you need a truly scalable format, export to svg. The background to this section is a svg-file made in GeoGebra, it is the same picture as the small ones above. The difference between svg-pictures and regular pictures is shown if you use the web browser to zoom in. Pictures in the svg-format are mainly used on the web, most other applications can not handle them.

Using GeoGebra-media

When making instructions to students, you may need to refer to the tools or buttons in GeoGebra. All icons used in GeoGebra are available for downloading. You can find the icons for buttons at the page http://wiki.geogebra.org/en/Category:Buttons, and the icons for the tools at http://wiki.geogebra.org/en/Category:Tools_Icons.

"You are what you share"

Using GeoGebra 4, you can share your worksheets on the GeoGebraTube. Pick File->Export! You need to either register as a GeoGebra user, or you can use an existing Google, Facebook or OpenId account. When uploading a file, you can write text to be seen above and below the applet; you can also add a description for other teachers, add tags etc. If you make several worksheets with a common theme, you can gather them in a GeoGebra-book. It is also possible to specify url-addresses containing GeoGebra-material. You share your work by providing a link to your GeoGebraTube Profile, like this; or by providing a link to a specific book, like MalinC's GeoGebra-book. The visitor will see the worksheet on the web and will also be able to download the GeoGebra-file.


"You are what you share" from We Think by Charles Leadbeater

by Malin Christersson under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Sweden License